Cheri and Jim Callis' Wedding

September 20, 1998

Aptos, California

Image of Cheri and Jim right after the ceremony and in between posing for the photographerHere's a few choice pictures from our wedding. Alastair Heaslett (our best man) provided the digital photography. Since I am also teaching myself HTML, (that crazy programming language that makes this all possible) please bear with my experiments and let me know if I can improve on anything. In the future, I am hoping to put in thumbnails that will make this page load much faster. I'm also hoping for a scanner to load in some of the other nice pictures. This is Cheri's E-mail (web site designer) This is Jim's E-mail (trusted companion)

Image of Jim and his sister Joan just before the ceremonyImage of the ceremony exchanging Rings.Image from L to R Michael (being shy), Lance, Anna (matron of honor) Maggie, Cheri, Jim & EricaImage of Jim's sister Doreen.Image of Jim's sister Joan.